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    Sports Relief 2016

    Sports Relief kicked off on Friday 18 March at 8.00am with the Year 7 slot and many getting involved in playing team games or cycling.  It ran throughout the day with different year groups getting involved in the dance-a-thon, cycling challenge or playing team games such as football, Danish long ball and basketball.   

    At lunchtime it was time for the staff to take on the Year 10 Netball team, the girls put up a tough fight against us but we managed to win 5 - 2 and also raised lots of money whilst playing.

     After school saw Key Stage 3 students carry on dancing, playing team games and cycling.  Lots of these students also participated during the day which resulted in them doing over 4 hours of sport. It was also the start of Lewis Avenell's (Year 10) 9 hour cycle on his stationary road bike.

    6.00pm – 7.00pm was the parents and staff slot - playing a mammoth game of Dodgeball and participating in Zumba in the main hall.  

    After 7.00pm was Key Stage 4 who carried on the games, cycling and dancing until 10.00pm. Lewis was still cycling away.

    The final 10.00pm - midnight slot was the Sport Ambassadors and a few others - at this stage after 14 hours of sport we started to feel it but we stormed on with crash mat rounders and races until the clock struck midnight. We did it!!

     Lewis Avenell also completed his 9 hour cycle barely being able to walk afterwards - what an achievement and he managed to raise over £400 for Sports Relief! Lots of people supported him along the way by cycling alongside him. Well done Lewis.

    A massive thank you to all the Sport Ambassadors for helping to organise this event over the past two months - they managed to stay in school, play and run the whole event for 16 hours - it could not have been as successful if it was not for them.

    So far we have managed to raise £2024.00 for Sports Relief!

    Miss Watson and Mr Cooper