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    Year 7 STEM Day 2017

    Year 7 students took part in a STEM-themed event on Thursday, 2 November. STEM stand for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.  The purpose of the day was to stimulate interest in the subjects by taking part in three separate STEM-related activities.

    The first activity, run by engineering education group the Engineering Development Trust, saw the groups make a roller coaster out of paper.  The constructions were supported by plastic poles and a marble acted as the car, travelling down the roller coaster.  Points were awarded for the design, how long the marble took to get down the chute and how well the structure was put together.


    The second activity was building a small boat out of paper plates, tin foil and lollipop sticks which was strong enough to hold an owl and cat soft toy, based on the Owl and the Pussy cat poem by Edward Lear. The Student’s creations were then put to the test as their models were floated on a tank of water for ten seconds to see if the designs held up.


    The last activity, run by the Winchester Science Centre, had students split into groups, which were then each divided into two. The pupils were told to build a bridge over a table out of limited K’Nex pieces, but the sub-teams could not talk to each other, instead communicating through whiteboards and designs to put the focus on communication.