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    205 offers made for Year 7 entry in September 2018. To find out more please see the 'Welcome from the Headteacher' message on the Home Page.

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    Pupil Premium Funding for 2015-16

    Funding for the academic year was £215,586.  The calculation for this is shown below.

    Total Funding based on Academic Year (for Annual Statement)
    Academic Year 15/16 (September 2015 - August 2016)
    Total No. of Eligible Pupils
    Amount Per Pupil (£)
    Total Amount (£)
    Deprivation - based on the January 2015 & 2016 Census
    September - March
    April - August
    Service Children - based on the January 2015 & 2065 Census
    September - March
    April - August
    Post LAC - based on the January 2015 & 2016 Census
    September - March
    April - August

    We have successfully continued to embed interventions and support strategies which are now being accessed by the majority of pupil premium students and their families. 

    Successful strategies include:

    Improved communication with home:  This has been very positive and parents regularly will contact the school for advice and queries rather than worry or not ask for help.  This in turn has proven to help the students be more confident about their own abilities and raises their self-confidence. 

    Raising awareness of financial support on offer:  The positive response received regarding informing families of what financial support was available has continued this year.  This improved interaction between home and school has helped us significantly improve the buy in from students with regards to the support offered.  All students offered support continue to attend willingly and a greater number of students have been able to experience opportunities that they otherwise would not have been able to access. This in itself is exceptional and improves the drive, determination and passion of the students across their learning.

    Targeted intervention:  We are continuing with a range of interventions to support the student with their work

    • Subject specific small group work – put in place within departments supported by LSA’s and TA’s to reinforce and consolidate prior learning
    • 1:1 and small group support – External tutor working specifically with English to support and accelerate learning
    • Alternative learning programmes – Revised programmes of study for students with significant concerns to ensure that they succeed in their key subjects by removing 1 option
    • Individual mentoring with senior staff – mentoring from key staff to support raising self-esteem and support managing stress at difficult times
    • Morning breakfast club sessions in maths and science

    Basic equipment for all:  We continue to provide all new PP students with a basic maths kit, dictionary and a pencil case to store it all in in addition to what they might have themselves. We also continue to assist students who have struggled with purchasing uniform and shoes.

    Specific subject interventions: There have been some developments with specific departments and the support they have put in place.

    • Business & ICT (KBA – Kavita Banga)– For all PP students, the purchase of revision guides for both subjects for Yr. 10 & 11 along with memory sticks for them to record all of their work on
    • PE (LPE – Lacey Payne) The introduction of a PP girls group (16 students) to work with LPE and Tracey Edwards to raise money for girls in education.  This group will meet weekly to look at ways in which money can be raised and ways to encourage girls to enjoy education across the world.  The students will also be hopefully invited up to London in September 2016 to Tracey Edwards relaunch of her boat - Maiden which is also linked to this cause

    Current developments:

    We are forming a pupil premium working group which will continue to raise the profile of pupil premium and ensure that the students are being supported, monitored and encouraged in the best possible manner across the board.