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    Pupil Premium Update Autumn Term 2016

    There are a number of things to report on this term, namely the transition camps that we have run in August and October. 

    We continue to embed the systems that we launched last year and staff are significantly more aware of who the pupil premium students are in their classes and also how they can support them no matter what their progress target expectations. 

    Our key aims this year are to work collectively to support these students learn the best way the can and offer whatever opportunity required to do this.  We also are looking to try to connect with some of our hard to reach parents by offering coffee morning catch-ups at the local coffee shop to eliminate some of the boundaries that stop pupil premium parents from supporting the school or their child with their learning.  These will be on a 3 weekly cycle, on a Wednesday from 11am – 12.30pm.  We are due to send letters out in the next week to launch the first event.  Exact dates to be confirmed.

    I have written a Pupil Premium Raising Achievement Plan which I will attach as an appendix for you to view.  It is in draft form and is a working document so it will change over time.  I will give you an idea of all the areas that we are prioritising.  The actions are colour coded to demonstrate the stage of implementation.

    1. Transition Camp Report 2016