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    Pupil Premium

    Funding for the academic year was £192,109.  The calculation for this is shown below.

    Total Funding based on Academic Year (for Annual Statement)
    Academic Year 17/18 (September 2017 - August 2018) Total No. of Eligible Pupil Amount Per Pupil (£) Total Amount (£)
    Deprivation - based on the January 2017 & 2018 Census September - March 116.96 935 109,358
    April - August 85 935 79,475
    Service Children - based on the January 2017 & 2018 census eligible in the last 6 years September - March 4.67 300 1,401
    April - August 6.25 300 1,875
    Post Looked After Children - based on the January 2107 & 2018 Census September - March 0.00 1,900 0
    April - August 0.00 2,300 0

    * Please see attachments below for the Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2017-18 and Pupil Premium Spend 2017-18 Impact Report

    Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up Premium

    Proficiency in both literacy and numeracy are key requirements to success within a broad and balanced curriculum offer.
    Catch up funding is extra funding for secondary schools, aimed at students who enter Year 7 without having met age -related expectations across literacy and numeracy tests.
    Aldworth School had 51 students in Year 7 2017-18 who were below age - related expectations.

    Aldworth School received £11,243 for the academic year 2017-18 to spend on year 7 literacy and numeracy catch up strategies.  This was to support students who had not achieved the expected standard in Reading or Maths at the end of Key stage 2.

    The funding was spent as follows:

    Maths Teaching Assistant interventions 1:1 and small group work
    English 1:1 tutor
    English Teaching Assistant training in Read, Write, Inc
    English Teaching Assistant time with small groups for reading.
    Outcomes 2017 – 18
    47% of students met the Age Related Standard in maths by the end of the Academic year
    35% of students met the Age Related Standard in English by the end of the Academic year
    All students who have not met the required standard will continue to have support into the next academic year to ensure support, progress and success. 
    1. Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2017-2018
    2. Pupil Premium Spend 2017-18 Impact Report