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    English Colours

    Students can achieve Half Colours and then progress to Colours in 3 categories: Reader, Writer and Speaker.
    Students will receive a certificate for Half Colours and a certificate and a badge for Colours.
    Once pupils have earned their Reader, Writer and Speaker Colours they can exchange these badges for an English Colours badge.

    To earn English Colours pupils must…





    • Have achieved a 2 or higher for attitude to learning.
    • Consistently completes homework on time and to a good standard.
    • Gets actively involved in all lesson activities.
    • Is helpful to pupils and staff during lessons.

    To complete 5 Reading 4 Rewards activities in a year.

    To have earned a credit for an extended piece of writing.

    To speak in front of the class in a formal situation.


    • At KS3 have achieved at least 3 sub-levels of progress over the last 3 terms or at KS4 is making good progress towards their target grade.
    • Have achieved 1s or higher for attitude to learning over 2 or more consecutive terms.
    • Homework exceeds expectations, showing independent thought.
    • Leads group work in a way that enables others to succeed.
    • Participates in an extra-curricular English activity. Eg. Noted, English Club, Librarian, Assistant Trip Leader.

    To complete 10 Reading 4 Rewards activities in a year.

    To have a piece of writing displayed publicly.

    Eg. Noted, Aldworth Matters or Classroom Display.

    To speak in front of a wider audience.

    Eg. At an assembly or open evening, or a speaking part in a performance.