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    Department Personnel

    The department consists of 2 full-time French specialists.

    Key Stage 4

    Curriculum Provision

    The course is made up of four units of work to be studied during Years 10 and 11.


    Unit 1

    Unit 2

    Unit 3

    Unit 4

    Module title



    Home and Environment

    Work and Education


    Year 10 
    September to March

    Year 10 
    March to July.
    1 piece of coursework produced by end of May plus 1 speaking test

    Year 11 
    September to December

    1 piece of coursework produced before end of December plus 1 speaking test.

    Year 11 
    January to April


    Key Stage 4 Assessment

    There are external examinations at the end of the course in listening (20%) and reading (20%). Writing (30%) and speaking (30%) will be examined through coursework. Two pieces of coursework will be produced at the end of Year 10 and during the first term in Year 11 plus two recorded speaking tests.

    Dictionaries will not be allowed in external examinations but dictionaries will be allowed for the writing coursework to be carried out under controlled conditions.