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    Further Subjects

    BTEC Business Studies

    This course will help students gain a detailed understanding of the commercial world, learning how a business is formed, how it operates and how it makes and manages its money.

    Child Development

    The course concentrates on the development of a child from pre-conception to the age of 5 years.  By the end of Year 10, students will need to have identified a child under the age of 5, who they can visit to complete a child study.

    Graphic Communication

    This option will be of particular interest to pupils who have an interest in commercial art, much of which is the art work we take for granted in our everyday lives, such as advertising material.

    Candidates will explore a wide range of techniques working towards producing work for an audience or consumer. There is a strong emphasis on the design process and how ideas can be communicated to others. An interest in the use of ICT would be an advantage to pupils choosing this option but it is not a prerequisite. Pupils will have to work on both computers and use more traditional techniques in the development of their work.

    BTEC Health And Social Care

    While the course might appeal mostly to pupils with an interest in a career in social care, education or medically related pathways, it has enough generalised knowledge to appeal to a wide group of individuals.  The course involves producing three pieces of coursework within a comprehensive portfolio and one exam.


    This GCSE course comprises two units. The first unit, taught in Year 10, is entitled ‘Religion and Life issues’. This tackles moral issues and concepts such as abortion; prejudice and discrimination; war and peace; environmental issues; animal rights; and religion and young people.

    The second unit, taught in Year 11 is entitled ‘Religion and Morality’. This module tackles issues such as attitudes to life, death, drugs abuse, crime and punishment and rich and poor in society.

    The two units together provide the basis and opportunity for discussion, debate and thought about the world we live in, and will broaden pupils understanding of people from all kinds of background and viewpoints.  As such, it is a useful course for any future career path.