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    Key Stage 4

    Curriculum Provision

    In ICT students will explore how digital technology impacts on the lives of individuals, organisations and society.  They learn about current emerging digital technologies and the issues raised by their use in a range of contexts.  They develop an awareness of the risks that exist when using ICT and features of safe, secure and responsible practice.

    Students broaden and enhance their ICT skills and capability.  They work with a range of digital tools and techniques to produce effective ICT solutions in a range of contexts.

    Students will study 2 units that amount to a single award GCSE:

    • Unit 1: Living in a Digital World – In this unit students study topics such as personal digital devices; connectivity; operating online; online goods and services; online communities; issues raised by using ICT
    • Unit 2: Using Digital tools – In this unit students study topics such as research and information gathering; modelling; digital publishing; evaluating outcomes; working safely and efficiently.

    Key Stage 4 Assessment

    There are two parts to the assessment.  The assessment for Unit 1 represents 40% of the total mark for the GCSE.  It is assessed through a 90 minute examination marked by Edexcel.  The assessment for Unit 2 represents 60% of the total assessment.  It is an internally assessed task under controlled conditions.

    How I can support my child’s learning?

    There are a number of websites that  students can access at home to help improve their knowledge and understanding of ICT. These include: Sam Learning, Bitesize, Teach-ICT and watching online shows like BBC Click.