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     For many years the Geography Department at Aldworth School has been a really strong department with a reputation for high standards and achievements. In Geography children meet many facets of the modern world, which are important for their understanding of society and the environment.
    What will your child do in Geography lessons?
    • In Year 7 students study the local area, Britain and are introduced to basic skills such as atlas use and maps.
    • In Year 8 Challenging Climates, Natural Processes and the Environment form the core of the work.
    • In Year 9 students study contrasting levels of development around the world and explore topics covered at GCSE, such as Coasts and Rivers.
    • In Year 10 and 11 students who opt to take Geography follow a GCSE course using the AQA Curriculum.
    GCSE Geography
    The following is our current specification:
    Paper One - Living with the Physical Environment
    • Natural hazards (Year 9)
    • The living world (Year 9)
    • Physical Landscapes in the UK (Year 10)
    1 hour 30 minutes (35% of GCSE).
    Geographical skills elements will run through this paper.
    Paper Two - Challenges in the Human Environment
    • Urban issues and challenges (Year 9)
    • The changing economic world (Year 11)
    • The challenge of resource management (Year 10)
    1 hour 30 minutes (35% of GCSE).
    Geographical skills elements will run through this paper.
    Paper Three - Geographical Applications
    • Issue evaluation (Year 11)
    • Fieldwork (Year 10)
    1 hour 15 minutes (30% of GCSE)
    Pre-release resources booklet available 12 weeks before paper 3 exam.
    What opportunities does Geography give students?                   
    There are opportunities:
    • for individual and group work
    • to carry out enquiries
    • to make presentations
    • to reach conclusions and make decisions
    • for all abilities to succeed at GCSE
    • to take part in trips and outdoor fieldwork
    For more detailed information on the curriculum, please see the document below.
    1. Curriculum information KS3 and KS4 Geography