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    Department Aims and Philosophy

     We live in a unique world that is dynamic and inspiring, changing every second of each day. The study of geography stimulates an interest in and a sense of wonder about places. It helps young people make sense of a complex and dynamically changing world. It explains where places are, how places and landscapes are formed, how people and their environment interact, and how a diverse range of economies, societies and environments are interconnected. It builds on pupils’ own experiences to investigate places at all scales, from the personal to the global. These transferable skills help to equip students with lifelong learning as responsible global citizens.

    The aims of the Geography department at Aldworth School are to inspire pupils to look at the world around them and to encourage learners to ask questions and think for themselves. We encourage students to have an awareness of their local area as well as develop a global view. We want to create a sense of awe and wonder about places and help them make sense of the rapidly changing world and their place in it.

    The Aldworth School Geography Department are passionate about the teaching and learning of Geography and so we have designed a curriculum which is current, interesting and will engage the next generation in Geographical issues.

    Key Stage 3

    KS3 Curriculum provision

    At Key Stage 3 all students study Geography with topical schemes of work that are taught in a variety of ways, to develop student’s geographical skills, to prepare them for GCSE.

    Term/ Year

    Year 7

    Year 8

    Year 9

    Autumn One

    • Welcome to Aldworth
    • Baseline test
    • Map Skills Test
    • Tourism
    • Project
    • A world of development
    • GCSE styled paper

    Autumn Two

    • Great Britain
    • Comparative assessment
    • Life in challenging climates (Polar Regions/ Tropical Rainforests/ Deserts)
    • Written report
    • Rivers and Flooding
    • GCSE paper

    Spring One

    • Fantastic Places around the UK
    • Poster project
    • Life in Challenging Climates
    • Project
    • Global Issues
    • Presentation and written report

    Spring Two

    • Will it rain today?
    • Weather Test
    • Life in Challenging Climates
    • Written Report
    • Coastal Landscapes
    • GCSE paper

    Summer One

    • Our restless planet
    • Written report
    • The Geography of Conflict and Crime
    • Group presentation
    • A Moving World
    • Written report

    Summer Two

    • Our restless planet
    • Models
    • Geography of sport – looking towards the Olympics.
    • Geographical Skills
    • GCSE paper

    KS3 Assessment

    In Geography we like to explore a range of assessment opportunities. These range from tests, written reports and projects in year 7 and 8, to past GCSE exam papers for Year 9. These enable us to teach and assess the appropriate skills needed to succeed in this subject.

    Key Stage 4

    The new Edexcel course builds upon the foundations laid in Key Stage 3.  It provides students with a highly relevant and exciting programme.  The course comprises four units over two years.  Please see the attachment below for the KS4 Geography Assessment schedule.

    Extra Curriculum

    There are a range of clubs in school that explore many geographical aspects such as fair trade and student leadership. We also offer enhancements for Key stage 4 to make sure students reach their full potential in the subject. There are also plans to organise a field trip during activities week that would encourage students to use the skills learnt in lessons.

    1. Geography KS4 Assessment