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    Aims and Philosophy

    Understanding our history helps us to understand our lives today. History is vital; it is all about people and about us. The aim of the history course is to produce lively minded students who will appreciate and understand the complexity of the world they live in by studying the past. Our students develop an awareness that present day and historical judgements depend on evidence. In History students are encouraged to think for themselves and to formulate their own opinions based on the evidence presented to them.

    History . . .

    • Fires students curiosity and imagination
    • Helps students to ask and answer questions of the present by engaging with their past
    • Lets students find out about the history of their community
    • Offers students the opportunity to appreciate what they are learning and debate its significance

    Key Stage 3

    Curriculum Provision

    Please see the attachment below to view a plan of the curriculum for Key Stage 3 History.

    Key Stage 3 Assessment

    Assessment at Key Stage 3 is well developed. Each year group complete two assessments per term which are marked on a level mark scheme. Based on these assessments the students are given targets for improvement.

    Key Stage 4

    Curriculum Provision and Assessment

    The History curriculum at KS4 consists of two papers and a controlled assessment.  This is detailed as below.

    Paper One – 45% International Relations

    Taught/learned throughout Year 10, examined at the end of Year 11

    Part 1 – American Depth Study 1919 - 41 (4 key questions)

    Part 2 – Aspects of International Relations (The following 3 questions)

    • Who was to blame for the Cold War?
    • Who won the Cuban missile crisis?
    • Why did the USA fail in Vietnam?

    Paper Two – 30% How British society changed 1890 – 1918

    Taught/learned in the Spring term of Year 11, examined at the end of Year 11

    • The Liberal Reforms
    • The campaign for women’s suffrage (the vote)
    • How people were affected by WW1

    Coursework – 25% Controlled Assessment

    Taught and written in the Autumn term of Year 11

    • The Rise of Hitler

    Extra-curricular opportunities

    There are many extra-curricular opportunities in History. Classwork and homework activities are supported by regular club activities and enhancements where pupils can supplement their learning by doing extra research or by working with teachers on a more one to one level.

    Trips out and visitors to the school also support the learning in the classroom. The department organises trips to Berlin, and the Battlefields each year, and other recent trips have included Warwick castle, The National Army museum, theatre trips (eg to watch ‘Hitler on trial’) and Basing House.

    How can I support my child’s learning?

    There is regular parental contact which enables students to achieve their potential. We also provide revision books at a cost of £7.00 to GCSE students. There is a core textbook which can also be purchased at a cost of £19.00. In addition we have a range of film titles which are suitable for pupils to watch at home to support their learning.

    1. History KS3 Plan 2013-4