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    Exams 2018: 79% of Aldworth students achieve GCSE grades 9-4 (grade C or better) in English and/or Maths. To find out more please see the 'Welcome from the Headteacher' message on the Home Page.

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     Mrs Yvonne Haynes - Emotional Literacy Teaching Assistant
    Most of us experience times in our lives when it is difficult to cope with life's pressures. The Emotional Literacy Teaching Assistant (ELSA) supports students who are finding it difficult for whatever reason to overcome any learning barriers i.e. anxiety, bereavement, anger, lack of confidence etc. This could be in a small group situation or in private one to one consultations. Parents, carers, teachers and students are all able to refer.
    We can provide help in the following areas:
    • Emotional, Social and Behavioural support
    • One to one counselling
    • Anger Management
    • Young Carers
    • Working with disadvantage families, supporting parents