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    Department Aims
     ICT is playing an increasingly important role in society, whether it is a company’s new website or the latest Xbox game. The aim of the ICT department at Aldworth is to ensure that every student is ready and able to function in the real world – a world where employers expect their employees to be computer literate. These are just some of the exciting opportunities that your child could learn in their ICT lessons:
    • Website Design
    • How to create and search Databases
    • How to design and create Computer Games
    • The importance of E-Safety
    • How to effectively use Microsoft Packages i.e. Word, PowerPoint & Excel
    ICT at Key Stage 3
    All students receive one lesson of ICT per week at Key Stage 3. Each student works at their own computer, facilitating better individual progress. Our aim is to encourage lifelong learning by giving every student a firm grasp of ICT applications as well as giving them the opportunities to experience basic computer programming.
    ICT at Key Stage 4
    In GCSE ICT students will explore how digital technology impacts on the lives of individuals, organisations and society.  They learn about current emerging digital technologies and the issues raised by their use in a range of contexts.  They develop an awareness of the risks that exist when using ICT and features of safe, secure and responsible practice.
    Students will study 2 units that amount to a single award GCSE:
    • Unit 1: Living in a Digital World – In this unit students study topics such as personal digital devices; connectivity; operating online; online goods and services; online communities; issues raised by using ICT
    • Unit 2: Using Digital tools – In this unit students study topics such as research and information gathering; modelling; digital publishing; evaluating outcomes; working safely and efficiently.
    The GCSE in ICT provides students with the opportunity to develop the following skills:
    • think creatively, logically and critically
    • select, use and integrate ICT tools and techniques to meet needs
    • find, select and evaluate information for its relevance, value, accuracy and plausibility
    • manipulate and process data and other information, sequence instructions, model situations and explore ideas
    • communicate data and information in a form fit for purpose
    • adopt safe, secure and responsible practice when using ICT
    • develop appropriate and effective ICT-based solutions in a range of contexts
    • evaluate their own and others’ use of ICT
    Certificate in Digital Applications
    A brief outline of why you should take this course:
    • Achievable but still a challenge
    • Engaging –fun to learn
    • Encourages independence by using an online brief
    • Project management skills
    • Real-world lifelong skill – digital capability underpins a majority of careers
    • A serious subject leading to a serious computing career, but the course is learnt in a fun way…at the same time also learning about graphics and image manipulation. Game Creation. Planning. Evaluation. Using software/industry tools. Professional BUT fun.
    The course is taught over 2 years, and is the equivalent of a Level 2 qualification, as a stepping stone to a Level 3 qualification.
    Assessment Criteria
    • Year 1- Unit 1 Developing Web Products, taught theory leading to an Exam contributing to 25% of the overall mark.
    • Year 2 – Unit 2 Artwork and Imaging, coursework. An online project leading to 75% of the overall mark.
    For more detailed curriculum information, please see the document below.
    1. Curriculum information KS3 and KS4 ICT