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    Instrumental Lessons

     Instrumental lessons are available to all students at Aldworth School.  Students have access to lessons provided by Hampshire Music Service and private fully qualification tutors on a range of orchestral and rock instruments including:

    • Violin
    • Viola
    • Cello
    • Oboe
    • Clarinet
    • Flute
    • Saxophone
    • Drums
    • Guitar (electric, bass, acoustic)
    • Singing
    • Piano
    • Keyboard
    • Trumpet
    • Trombone
    • French Horn
    • Tenor Horn

    Lessons take place during the school day or after school.  When lessons take place within the school day the time rotates each week to ensure that interruptions are kept to a minimum. Wherever possible Years 10 and 11 are timetabled after school or during break times. These arrangements do not normally present any problems, providing that the student catches up on any missed work.

    Lessons are sometimes taught in small groups but, as expertise is gained, most students are able to receive individual lessons.  Lessons are 20 minutes long.  Over the term students will receive at least ten lessons.

    We employ fully qualified specialist teachers who are either employed by the Hampshire Music Service or who are private teachers.  All of our instrumental teachers are experts in their fields, are practising musicians and involve themselves fully in the musical life of the School.

    The school does subsidise its instrumental lessons considerably, but we still have to charge parents £65 per term per instrument. However, this does represent good value for money when considered alongside the cost of private instrumental tuition. If your child receives free school meals, then there will be a reduced charge of £32.50. If a standing order is completed, there is a reduction in charge.

    Students can take choose to take music exams. The school regularly enters pupils for the practical exams of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, Trinity College (London) and also takes part in the  Staged Awards of the Hampshire Music Service.

    The school does have a very small number of instruments that it is able to lend out, but generally parents are expected to provide the instruments and books needed for study. 

    The school's music groups are open to anyone who plays an instrument and all standards are catered for. Students are asked to take part in the department’s concerts which take place regularly and which are of a high standard.

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