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    Key Stage 3

    Curriculum Model

    All classes in KS3 are of mixed ability and spend one rotation in each of the subject areas, being taught by a subject specialist, in any one year.  Pupils work will be assessed at the end of each unit and a level given based on the national curriculum identified skills.

    The curriculum enables pupils to:-

    • Identify and analyse problems requiring a designed solution.
    • Plan and use relevant research to inform, and prepare criteria to follow when designing solutions.
    • Think creatively about a number of possible solutions and evaluate and make considered choices.
    • Investigate and evaluate products, systems and ideas identifying a “best fit” for purpose.
    • Investigate manufacturing systems and new technology and relate this to every day products.
    • Develop skills in the application and use of CAD CAM.
    • Become competent in a range of practical and transferable skills.