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    The library will be open daily from between 9.00am and 2.30pm.  However, there may be time when it is closed for staff meetings, administration reasons or other purposes.

    Library Facilities

    There is a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction books.  We are constantly adding new stock, so if there is a book that you want to see on the shelves just let the librarian know and we will see what we can do!

    You can borrow two books for up to two weeks.  Please try and return the books on time.  If books are not returned after four reminders, students may be banned from borrowing in the future and you may have to pay a fine.

    Reading Cloud

    You can... Search, reserve or download resources from your school library and across the Reading Cloud.  Click on the following link to access the Reading Cloud and use your student login.

    Features include:

    • Word of the Day
    • Fact of the Day
    • News
    • Featured Author
    • Star Review
    • Meet the Author Videos
    • Trending searches
    • Most Popular Books

    Videos / DVDs

    Videos and DVDs are available for overnight or weekend loans.  We ask for a refundable deposit of £1.00.


    The library computers can be used during breaks and during lessons with the permission of your teacher.  Demand for the computer is high so if you wish to use a computer you must book one the day before you wish to use it.  These computers should not be used for checking emails, messages or social media websites.


    As well as Mrs Paterson, there will be Pupil Librarians on duty most days.  The Pupil Librarians are here to assist Mrs Paterson by tidying shelves and issuing / returning books.

    Finding Books

    Fiction books are in alphabetical order by the author's SURNAME.  Non-fiction books are in order of the DEWEY NUMBER on the spine.  The Dewey system is a numerical system whereby a number is given to each subject, for example Art is number 700.  There are labels and subject headings to help you find your way around.  There is also a subject index on the Librarian's desk.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, please ask Mrs Paterson or a Pupil Librarian.

    Library Passes

    When you use the library at breaktimes you will need to collect a pass from the prefect on duty on your way in and sign in using the 'signing-in book'.  When you leave the library please hand your pass to myself or the prefect on duty.

    Library Rules

    1. Feel free to discuss your studies, but please do so quietly.  Respect other students at all times and do not run around.
    2. Please leave bags and coats on the rack by Mrs Paterson's desk.  Do not take them into library.
    3. No eating and drinking in the libary, even during after school clubs.  If you come in with food you will be asked to leave.
    4. Take good care of the books.  If you damage one please tell Mrs Paterson.
    5. Students using the library will need a note from their teacher.
    6. Mis-use of any equipment or facilities will result in a ban.
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