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    Our Philosophy

    Actively involve every student in learning Mathematics so that they achieve to their full potential.

    What We Do:

    In Years 7 and 8 we aim to encourage our students to be actively involved within their lessons.  As well as developing their core skills we also promote investigating and problem solving to discover mathematics for themselves. This encourages students to apply their brains to activities that allow them to express themselves as individuals whilst also helping their mathematical abilities and interests to progress. These tasks range from looking at magic tricks, which have a mathematical background and number patterns to designing, building and testing miniature catapults. These undertakings ensure that students enjoy their mathematics lessons and develop an inquisitive mind to further improve their application in all subjects. The focus is on the depth of understanding our students possess and the application of it. The mathematics department schemes of work are updated regularly to ensure all students cover the key foci of the National Curriculum as well as any new developments in the teaching of mathematics.

     Our GCSE studies begin in Year 9 in order for the students to have as much time as possible to become accustomed, well-practised and prepared in their mathematics ready to sit the final GCSE at the end of Year 11.

    Our classroom teachers develop relationships with their students focussed around motivation and support. We ensure everything is done to get the best out of our students so that they leave us proud of their achievements and ready to continue their learning journey.

    Close monitoring is made of all students, especially their attitude and behaviour; if this is good then their progress will follow suit. In tracking this progress, we are able to do the best we can for everybody who enters the department; homework, set changes, intervention and enhancements are all used to support every child with their individual needs.

    Enhancement and Support:

    After school on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, enhancement/support is available to students. This is to help with their mathematics or challenge them further by looking at mathematical problems


    It is expected that all students will arrive to lessons with a minimum of a pen, pencil and ruler. We would advise that they also have a pair of compasses, a protractor and a scientific calculator of their own as this will help with practising skills outside of the classroom. All equipment can be borrowed, although we prefer students to practice with their own equipment.

    For more detailed curriculum information, please see the document below.

    1. Curriculum information KS3 and KS4 Maths