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     Aims and Philosophy of the Department

    Music is so much a part of the background of everyday life that it tends to get taken for granted. Yet, for many people it is a powerful focus for creative energy, and one, which both stimulates and guides the imagination. Music at Aldworth School aims to develop aesthetic sensitivity and creative ability in all students.

    “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy”    -   Ludwig Van Beethoven

    Department Personnel

    Department consists of:

    • Miriam Jonathan- Curriculum Leader of Performing Arts
    • David Truslove – Music Teacher
    • Megan Crocker – Music and Drama Teacher

    This is supported by a team of peripatetic teachers who visit the school to provide lessons to pupils.

    Key Stage 3

    Curriculum Provision

    Topics covered in Key Stage 3 are:

    Year 7
    Year 8
    Year 9
    • Dimensions of Music
    • Ostinato
    • Winter
    • Pictures at an Exhibition
    • Graphic Score
    • Chinese Music
    • Folk Music
    • Music and Space
    • Reggae
    • Samba
    • Song Writing
    • Indian Music
    • Variations
    • Blues
    • Swing/Jazz
    • Music for Special Occasions
    • Song Writing
    • Film Music
    • Minimalism
    • Musicals
    • History of Pop

    Key Stage 3 Assessment

    In Key Stage 3 we cover a number of different areas within performing, composing, listening and appraising.

    • Pupils will perform to the class in groups and/or individually.
    • Gain confidence in performing skills.
    • Have opportunities to make use of a variety of instruments.
    • And sing songs as a class.
    • They will compose music within specific topics and more abstract mood elements.

    They will listen to a range of music in a variety of styles and discuss pieces of music in detail, make observations and evaluate, including their own compositions.

    Extra-curricular opportunities

    Participation in extra-curricular music activities enriches the core curriculum for music and allows pupils the opportunity to share interest and experience performing with others.

    Extra-Curricular groups include:

    • Senior Choir
    • Junior Choir
    • Junior Orchestra
    • Advanced Musicians
    • String Group
    • Brass Group
    • Wind Ensemble