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    A vibrant learning community with an ethos of ambition and achievement

    During March 2017 we received a full OFSTED inspection. The current inspection framework is considered to be the most challenging framework schools have had to meet. We welcomed six inspectors to Aldworth who agreed the following:

    Parents are positive about the quality of teaching and the progress their children make at Aldworth. (OFSTED, 2017)

    Parents are very supportive of the school and report that their children are well-looked after. (OFSTED, 2017)

    The Headteacher and his leaders are ambitious for the pupils in their care. They have high aspirations for pupils and have overseen a rise in the standards of attainment. (OFSTED, 2017)

    Leaders know the strengths and weaknesses in the school. (OFSTED, 2017)

    Reading is well established in the school. There are good systems to promote reading and useful support for pupils who need additional help to catch up. Consequently, pupils who arrive with lower than average reading scores, make good progress following targeted intervention. (OFSTED, 2017)

    The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. There are good systems in place that ensure that pupils are safe and well cared for. (OFSTED, 2017)

    Leaders have good systems in place to support pupils who need extra help in managing their behaviour. They have established new approaches that ensure the interventions for these pupils are very effective. (OFSTED, 2017)

    There are many opportunities for pupils to develop their leadership skills. These include taking up roles as mentors, sports leaders and members of the students’ council. (OFSTED, 2017)

    Personal development, behaviour and welfare were graded ‘good’ overall and recognised as a real strength of the school. However, challenging questions were asked about the progress that all groups of students make. Whilst the ‘headline’ figures for 2016 demonstrated a big improvement for the number of students attaining 5+ GCSE A*-C including English and Mathematics (60%; above national average) our figures for Progress 8, the new performance measure, are below national expectations. As a consequence, these factors have resulted in an overall OFSTED rating of ‘requires improvement’. Whilst we are disappointed with this judgement it is essential that we understand and accept the key areas for improvement and increase the focus on any student who is not making good or better progress whilst still ensuring we continue to support all students.

    A full report is available from the Ofsted Website