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    Exams 2018: 79% of Aldworth students achieve GCSE grades 9-4 (grade C or better) in English and/or Maths. To find out more please see the 'Welcome from the Headteacher' message on the Home Page.

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    Online Payments

    We are pleased to offer the facility to pay for school trips and activities on-line.

    You can now pay by debit or credit card using an on-line account for your child (there is no extra charge for this facility).

    Please contact the school finance office for a log-in and password if you do not have one.

    Link to Online Payments

    The advantages to paying online are:

    • Payments are made through WorldPay so are safe and reliable
    • Reduced risk of students losing cash
    • Able to view payment history on-line

    A link to the user guide is available if you have any technical problems. Please ring the finance office if you experience any other problems.

    1. Internet Payments Guide for Parents