• GCSE results

    GCSE results will be available for collection from the Main Hall at 10.00am on Thursday 22 August

Tel: 01256 322691

E-mail: enquiries@aldworth.hants.sch.uk

    Our Vision, Expectations and Ethos

    Our Vision

    To be a vibrant learning community with an ethos of ambition and achievement

    Our Expectations

    Respect yourself and others
    Endeavour to do your best
    Achieve your full potential

    Our Ethos

    • We have an ethos of ambition and achievement, striving to maximise the potential of each student.
    • We recognise that each student is a unique individual and we value his or her contribution to our school community.
    • We provide care, support and encouragement in a disciplined environment.
    • We work to overcome barriers such as low self-esteem or low aspirations, developing strategies to increase confidence.
    • We encourage participation in the wider aspects of school and community life.


    Please click on the attachment below to view the poster we have developed for displaying in all classrooms.

    1. Vision-Ethos-Expectations School Poster