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    Physical Education

     Aims and Philosophy of the Department

    A Physical Education is education through the physical. It is a vital part of your child’s development and teaches them a wide range of key skills. The Physical Education department work hard to create a bespoke program of study based upon the national curriculum.  Our aims are:

    • To offer learning experiences designed to give each pupil the opportunity to develop a positive awareness of their body, and be better informed of its function, ability and potential in Physical Education and everyday life.
    • Provide attainable experiences that promote success at every level.
    • Encourage pupils to foster a positive attitude to physical fitness and health that will continue post 16.
    • Provide challenging situations and environments that improve specifically identified skills and techniques.
    • Contribute to a pupil’s social development through cooperation, teamwork, leadership and competition.
    • To encourage and develop pupil’s appreciation for the aesthetic and artistic qualities in movement, providing a medium for expression and creativity.
    • Enable pupils to work independently and as part of a team, so as to contribute to the development of core skills such as communication and teamwork.
    • To support the implementation of the shared values statement and to enable pupils to develop a range of desirable personal qualities. These include safety awareness, politeness, perseverance, concern for others, initiative and independence.

    Key Stage 3

    Curriculum Provision

     In years 7, 8 and 9 every student participates in a double lesson of PE as part of the national curriculum.  Students will have the opportunity to experience a range of sports including:

    Football, Rugby, Netball, Dance, Gymnastics, Rounder’s, Softball, Badminton, Tennis, Fitness (HRE), Table Tennis, Athletics and Trampolining.

    We aim to build upon the previous year’s knowledge, skills and understanding in order to develop confidence, competence and enjoyment.

    Key Stage 3 Assessment

    Students are assessed using national curriculum levels in each sport they participate in. We also assess pupils based on the key processes outlined in the key stage national curriculum:

    • Developing Physical and Mental Capacity
    • Making & Applying Decisions
    • Healthy & Active Lifestyles
    • Evaluating & Improving
    • Developing Skills in Physical Activity

    The department utilises a special PE assessment page in the student’s planners in order to set targets and track progress.

    Key Stage 4

    Curriculum Provision

    In years 10 and 11 every student participates in a double lesson of PE as part of the national curriculum. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a range of sports including:

    Football, Rugby, Netball, Team games, Dance, Rounder’s, Table Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Softball, Badminton, Tennis, Fitness (HRE), Athletics, Trampolining, Ice skating, bowling and golf.

    Key Stage 4 Assessment

    Students are assessed using national curriculum levels in each sport they participate in.

    Level 1 Award in Sports Leadership

    At key stage 4 we recognise this as a key opportunity to develop transferable leadership skills. We offer the nationally recognised Level 1 Sports Leadership Award to Year 10 students. Pupils plan, deliver and evaluate sports session in local primary and Infant schools and support them in competitions and local events.

    Extra- curricular Opportunities

    Enhancement and extension of the Physical Education learning experience, for both the competitive and non-competitive student is critical for their development. Aldworth School prides itself on both the range and quality of its Extra Curricular Opportunities. Using the skills of teachers within the college – both in the PE Department as well as other curricular areas, and the expertise of specialist coaches, we deliver a range of competitive and non competitive sporting activities in which students may take part after school.

    Please see the PE Extra-curricular timetable in the Students section of this website.

    Gifted and Talented

    Young people that are talented in sport show a higher ability than their peers in the sporting environment and are considered to be Gifted and Talented (G&T).

    These talented young performers face challenges in realising both their academic and sporting potential. The school plays a critical role in helping to support them and encourages their development.  The department organises trips for G&T students to Surrey University Sports Park in order to educate them on advanced training, testing and diet techniques.