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    Reading 4 Rewards

    This scheme is designed to encourage students to read a wide variety of text in order to develop their reading skills.

    For each completed activity students will earn 1 credit and a commendation if they complete 10 different activities.  Students will need to prove you they have completed each task.  A member of the English team (or tutor) is able to stamp their planner on the Reading 4 Rewards page.

    The reading activities are:

    • Read a graphic novel
    • Read a newspaper
    • Read a classic novel
    • Read an autobiography
    • Read a magazine related to a hobby/activity
    • Keep a reading journal for half a term
    • Read a ‘New Release’ from the library
    • Recommend a book to your tutor group
    • Read an e-book
    • Get 100% on a Renaissance Reading quiz
    • Ask someone in your family to read a book you have read and discuss it
    • Read a complete text written by Shakespeare