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    Reporting Absence

    Research has shown time and again that regular attendance at school is vital if children are to achieve their potential. Poor attendance inevitably leads to lack of progress and poor examination results and means that a student is poorly placed to do the courses he/she may wish to at college or indeed to find satisfactory employment.

    All students are expected to attend school unless there is a justifiable reason.  We monitor closely students’ attendance. Registers are taken for every lesson.

    In the case of illness a Parent/Guardian must telephone the school (01256 322691) to let us know why a student will not be coming to school.  This must be done before 9.00am when registers are checked and first day absence phone calls are made. If we do not receive a phone call you will automatically receive a phone call and our truancy call system will keep contacting you.

    Provide a note on the day of your return explaining the absence and the period to which it applies.

    In the case of prolonged absence, clear medical reasons are needed. Please keep us informed of the students’ progress.  In such cases we will provide you with work.

    At the end of each academic year we award students who have had no absences with 100% attendance certificates. The school expectation is that every child should have a minimum target of 97.3% attendance in each academic year. This is equivalent to having 5 days absent (10 sessions) in an academic year. For prolonged absence,  if a student’s attendance falls below 90% (equivalent to 19 days absent or 38 sessions), even if this is because of a family holiday, parents and the Local Authority will be alerted. The Educational Welfare Officer will be asked to visit parents if continued poor attendance is causing concern. The school is also authorised to issue fixed penalty fines to parents whose children do not attend school regularly (please see the attached leaflet at the bottom of this page for more information).

    The school shall not authorise holiday leave to any student during the school term. Leave will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances.

    It is best to make medical appointments outside school hours.  If you must leave the school during the day, then a note from parents must be brought in to school in advance of the date.

    Students must sign out at Reception, at the side entrance and they will receive an exit stamp in their planner.  If the student returns on the same day they must sign in again at Reception.  A letter from a Parent / Guardian requesting to leave the school must be shown to the tutor and teacher if a student has to leave a lesson.

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