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    Student Leadership

    Student Leadership is an opportunity for all students to get involved in leadership outside the restraints of the classroom. The students are encouraged to complete a number of pieces of evidence each academic year to qualify for the reward trip in the summer term. To complete each stage KS3 students must collect 9 pieces of evidence and KS4 must collect 12 pieces of evidence from a range of options which must be signed off by the subject teacher or their tutor (see below).  Evidence includes joining a student leadership group, attending an extra-curricular activity, collecting credits, being a school council representative and helping at school events.

    There are 5 stages to complete:

    • Stage 1 – Year 7
    • Stage 2 – Year 8
    • Stage 3 – Year 9 (Bronze)
    • Stage 4 – Year 10 (Silver)
    • Stage 5 – Year 11 (Gold)

    There will be 3 Student Leadership workshops throughout the academic year which is mandatory to attend in order to qualify for the reward trip. In these workshops students can meet new people, work as part of a dynamic team, learn new skills, play games and expand their horizons.


    To get involved in Student Leadership you can join one of the groups below or the many other clubs available.

    • Charity Team – The team runs events to raise money to help local and national charities.
    • Peer Mentors – The team are a trained group of selected students who enjoy assisting their fellow students with any problems and issues they have by helping them to help themselves.
    • Anti-Bullying Ambassadors – Aldworth's Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are friendly approachable students who are trained by the Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.

    All clubs and extra-curricular activities will be displayed on the Student Leadership timetable throughout the year.


    The reward trip is chosen by the students during the autumn term. For the last five years the students have opted to attend Thorpe Park.

    Individuals who complete a Student Leadership stage will gain an invite to the trip, a Student Leadership certificate and badge which they are entitled to wear on their school sweatshirt in recognition of their hard work.


    KS3 must collect 9 pieces of evidence and KS4 must collect 12 pieces of evidence to qualify for the reward trip. A teacher must stamp and/or sign and date the relevant piece of evidence.

    • Attend 10 enhancements or booster sessions
    • Attend a Student Leadership workshop
    • Help at a school event
    • Sports Captain for tutor group
    • Student Leadership rep for tutor
    • Represent your tutor group
    • Join a student leadership group for a term
    • Attend an extra-curricular club for a term
    • Student Council rep for tutor
    • Chair a club meeting
    • Start or run a club of your own
    • Collect 64 credits (1 page)
    • Represent school creatively
    • Represent school academically
    • Represent school in sport
    • Help out with a Year 5 or Year 6 Taster Day
    • Half colours
    • Full colours
    • Attend a Parents Evening
    • Attend Options Evening
    • Give a presentation in any lesson or afer-school activity
    • Participate in a charity event
    • Be a KS3 mentor
    • Be a Sports Leader
    • Become a Prefect
    • Write a college application