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    Exams 2018: 79% of Aldworth students achieve GCSE grades 9-4 (grade C or better) in English and/or Maths. To find out more please see the 'Welcome from the Headteacher' message on the Home Page.

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    Year 6 Information

    The movement from Junior School to Secondary School can be an unsettling time for young people. Junior School students are sometimes overawed by the size of the school buildings, the size of the other students and the movement around the school between lessons. At Aldworth School we do our best to ensure that the transition process is as smooth as possible, providing reassurance to each individual student. It thelps that we are a relatively small secondary school with aan excellent Pastoral Support system.

    Aldworth School carries out a detailed programme of induction for the youngsters transferring in from a large number of Junior Schools at the start of Year 7.  Senior Staff visit all of the feeder schools during May and June to meet all of the students moving to Aldworth School and to meet their teachers. Key topics discussed are: -

    • the differences between junior and secondary school
    • school uniform
    • having a friend in your Tutor Group
    • how classes are set
    • the Year 7 dining hall
    • planners
    • help and support from everyone in the School and how to avoid getting lost (the most common concern expressed before transfer!)
    • how not to get lost
    1. Moving On Book list 2017
    2. Great books to read before secondary school from Hampshire Library Service