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    Here at Aldworth School we provide a curriculum for Business education that gives all students the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential through the use of ICT and specialist software. We follow the Edexcel BTEC First Award in Business syllabus; this successful course offers students the chance to experience a wide range of business theory and practice. The course is offered as a KS4 option and delivered over Years 10 & 11.
    Areas studied:
    • Business Finance
    • Customer Service
    • Business Enterprise
    • Marketing
    Class Environment
    We have a dedicated room which contains a suite of computers that are used regularly by the classes to aid their learning and to complete coursework. We provide a working atmosphere within the classroom that is both challenging and enjoyable, therefore allowing students to express their views and show respect for the views of others.
    We aim to develop awareness in young people of their rights, both as a consumer and citizen and the influence they can bring to bear on environmental, social, political and economic issues.
    For more detailed curriculum information, please see the document below.
    1. Curriculum information KS4 Business