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Teaching Staff

Please find below a list of our teaching staff with the subject(s) they teach.

Name Subject(s)
Mrs B Allen History
Mrs K Banga Business, Computer Science, ICT
Mrs P Barrowclough History
Miss J Brandom Science
Mr P Brown Science
Mrs K Bull Science
Mr R Butcher PE
Mr J Cole Maths
Mr J Coombs English
Mrs S Coultress Science
Mr J Cox Science
Mrs L Dawe Food, Technology
Mrs B Dhaliwal French, German, Spanish
Miss G Down Science
Mr A Fleming Business, ICT
Mr N Gausden English
Mr C Goldsworthy Maths
Mrs R Goldsworthy Maths
Miss K Green English, Media Studies
Mr D Griffiths Maths, ICT
Mrs S Griffiths English
Miss L Hatt Geography
Ms D Hide Art
Miss R Hill English
Miss K Hodson PE
Mrs J Hogarty Geography
Mrs S Hornby English
Miss S Hughes ICT
Mr D Inglis Religious Studies
Mrs A Kendrick Maths
Miss A Kent Science
Miss S Lester Health & Social Care, PE
Ms G Lorimer English
Mr J Maltman Maths
Ms M McBain Maths
Ms M Mill Technology
Mrs N Mills Music, Drama
Mr G Moores Science
Miss J Newell Art, Technology
Mrs S Penny Science
Mrs C Poulton Health & Social Care
Mrs R Richardson German
Mr B Rudd Geography, History
Mrs K Seaward-Ding Drama
Mr M Sims Maths
Miss D Smith English, French
Mrs S Smyth Religious Studies
Mrs J Storey PE
Mrs C Stratton Hair & Beauty, Health & Social Care
Miss D Taborre French, Spanish
Mrs A Thomas History
Mr M Truss History
Mr J Voce PE
Ms T Ward Music
Mr M Watkinson Media Studies, Product Design, Technology
Mr R Watters English
Mrs I Williams Spanish
Ms B Wootton Product Design, Technology
Dr R Yorke Science