Aldworth School is a mixed secondary school in Basingstoke with 870 students drawn from the local area. The school is under new leadership and the school is benefitting from a growing reputation and increased applications. The school is very teaching and learning focused, with a determination to provide the best results and all-round education for our students. Benefitting from a large and well-equipped site, Aldworth has the potential to become the school of choice in the area and is lucky to have a committed and talented staff body. The school’s new logo and strapline are both indicators of a raised ambition and aspiration for the students, the staff and the wider community. The school’s strapline of ‘Building Bright Futures’ embodies the spirit of the new school: future-focused, ambitious and positive.

The school is unashamed about being on a journey and we are looking for staff who are committed to comprehensive education, believe a school should champion its community and excited by the prospect of helping to propel the school towards its own bright future. We would encourage you to watch the Open Evening 2020 videos to hear our staff and students’ views of the changes and the momentum building in the school.

We are a diverse community and actively welcome applications from a range of candidates – it’s not your age, ethnicity, religion or gender that counts to us – it’s your desire to make a difference.

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