Aldworth School aims to provide a curriculum, within and outside of school hours, which develops students who harness knowledge, possess skills and behave as informed, responsible citizens. Through a broad curriculum, we aspire for all our learners to be not only confident in themselves, but confident in their ability to learn throughout their lives, safe in the knowledge that hard work and resilience leads to results. The taught curriculum aims to equip students with a practical and intellectual skills to underpin their understanding of the world. Through the emerging ethos of the school, students will develop a strong sense of self and recognize the contribution they can make to the school, the area and ultimately discover their sense of place in the world.

  • Respect, Endeavour, Achieve
  • Quality first teaching for all
  • A vibrant community for learning,
  • Powerful learners, Cultural capital, High Challenge, Adaptive and responsive teaching
  • Developing the whole child
  • Pupils physical and mental health are good and they know how to stay safe
  • Academic success and high standards for all – strong progress and attainment
  • Strong positive destinations, low drop out rates post 16
  • High attendance rates
  • Consistently positive attitudes to school and education. Ambitious learners
  • Healthy, safe choices, good mental health and well-being
  • High levels of participation and enrichment
Core Values
  • Raising aspirations
  • Narrowing the vocabulary gap
  • A positive climate for learning
  • High Challenge
  • Adaptive and responsive teaching
  • An enquiry led approach to develop acquisition of knowledge and the skills to transfer learning to unfamiliar contexts

Our curriculum is designed with the aspiration that every learner should leave the school fully qualified to enter the next phase of their education. Teaching groups are organised according to the year group and subject. The grouping arrangements are reviewed periodically to ensure students are in a group that will allow them to progress as well as they possibly can.

On arrival in Year 7 pupils are taught in mixed ability, flexible groups in most subjects. Pupils select which language to study before Year 7 and will be grouped according to whether they choose French, German or Spanish.

Moving into Year 8, accelerated groups are introduced in the core subjects.

During Year 9 pupils in some areas, for example History, Geography and Science, will start their GCSE courses. In addition Year 9 pupils get a choice about which technology and art subjects they wish to specialise in.

We have a broad and balanced selection of option subjects at Key Stage 4 including some ‘vocational’ subjects which we are fortunate to have the facilities to be able to offer. We have a ‘guided options’ process in which the Tutors, Year Leaders and Senior Staff put in a considerable amount of effort ensuring that students are taking courses that will meet their needs in the future.

English, Mathematics and Science are at the core of the Key Stage 4 curriculum. Even within these compulsory subjects we have some choices. English Literature, Physics, Chemistry and Biology are all possibilities.

The timetable plans below show a typical curriculum offer as an example. This will vary according to year group and choices made.