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English lessons will provide opportunities:

  • to become confident and proficient users of English;
  • to be intelligent and discriminating readers;
  • to enjoy literature and language in all its forms;
  • to have confidence about approaching literature independently.

Students who have mastered these four elements will have a sound basis for the future.

So how do we do it?

The department is staffed by 9 subject specialists and a subject specific Higher Level Teaching Assistant.  All are well qualified to provide a good balance of experience and enthusiasm to guide your child through the rigors of the National Curriculum. 

Our well-resourced English classrooms are sited together, close to the School’s Resources Centre in Portsmouth Block.

Our aim is to provide quality provision at all levels of ability.

Schemes of work are constantly reviewed to ensure appropriate coverage of the National Curriculum at KS3 and KS4.  Spelling, punctuation and grammar are actively taught to support reading, writing and oral development and, when necessary, we engage the expertise of the learning support team for students with specific learning needs.  We operate a curriculum system aimed at helping your child to maximise their potential.  Though the majority will follow the expected KS3 path, staff adapt programmes of study for individual learners, especially for those working above and below national expectations.

Extra-curricular activities are important to us and help to foster a sense of fun and enjoyment in English.  These include:

  • Writing competitions
  • Writers’ workshops
  • ‘Shadowing’ Hampshire Book Award
  • Theatre trips
  • GCSE enhancement sessions (Tuesday and Thursday)
  • Debating/discussion groups participating in national competitions
  • BBC News School Report

Tests and Exams

We always aim to improve students’ performance. In addition to the ongoing work of the classroom we have regular periods of assessment.  Using this data students specific learning needs will be identified and appropriate actions will be taken to ensure future success.