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Religious Studies

 Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? What kind of person should I be? As human beings we are naturally inquisitive and Religious Studies gives young people a forum to ask and explore such questions.
Religious Studies is about looking at the world around us and the people within it. It aims to promote confidence in young people, to voice their ideas and beliefs without feeling threatened or judged. In our modern world, we have to be prepared to stand up for what we believe in, but ensure we do so with conviction and purpose. Religious Studies creates students who look to their own opinions, rather than those around them.
What will your child do in Religious studies lessons?
  • In Year 7 students study is based around a fictional Island that enables students to openly communicate and question in class, building a community for learning. It also gives them the opportunity to explore aspects of religious belief and the purposes behind it. The topics are entitled community, rituals, laws, festivals and human rights.
  • In Year 8 pupils continue to explore different religious beliefs, but with a stronger focus on the moral and ethical dilemma in topics such as; identity, suffering, animal rights and life after death.
  • In Year 9 we aim to give the pupils a taster for GCSE and introduce topics that will be a good basis if they wish to continue their studies into KS4. The topics are; Existence of God, Holocaust, Sanctity of Life, Forgiveness and a unit of P4C (Philosophy for Children) which aims to prepare students to become more independent learners.
  • In Year 10 and 11, Religious Studies is an option subject which follows the AQA Curriculum.  The course focuses on two religions, Christianity and Islam, as they are the two most followed religions in the world. Pupils get a clearer understanding of the beliefs and practices of these two religions. Pupils will also sit an ethical paper, which looks at the role of women, war and peace, animal rights and the death penalty.
What opportunities does Religious Studies give students?
  • To study the world religions
  • To debate current affairs
  • To become independent learners
  • To work in groups to carry out personalised enquiries
  • To present in front of their peers
  • To develop personal and insightful thought
For more detailed curriculum information, please see the document below.