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Aldworth’s Got Talent

2019’s Aldworth Got Talent showcased the diverse variety of talents thriving throughout the school. From dancers to musicians, actors to singers, the show had it all.

Hosted over an evening semi-final and two finals. The audiences were treated to performances that captured their imaginations and showcased the best up and coming talent that Aldworth has to offer. From a record number of auditions throughout years 7 to 11, the semi-finalists were down to just 11.

The semi-final was fiercely contested. We had some incredible acts: A virtuosic piano performance by James (Year 8), Lucy (Year 8) showing her multi-instrumentalist talents playing the ukulele and singing, a beautiful violin piece by Zeus (Year 10), William and Raphael (Year 9) with a hilariously funny sketch inspired by ‘The Two Ronnies’, and finally the Aldworth String Trio showcasing their ensemble skills. The votes from the audience were very close, reflecting how high the standard of performances were. The acts had worked extremely hard, making the decisions very tricky for everyone. But, 6 acts were chosen to go through to the final.

The big day. The final. The whole school were ready to watch these 6 nervous but very excited acts entertain on their last day in school before the summer holidays. Two assemblies (year 7-8 and 9-10) were the performers’ chances to win £50. Hosted by a pair who could rival Ant and Dec, we had Shubs and Davi. Two entertaining presenters who rallied up the crowd and gave us a unique entertainment spectacle never before seen on the Portsmouth Hall stage. The show was kicked off by Charlie (Year 8) performing the song ‘Hideaway’, to an eager scene of attentive faces. Her vocal performance was stunning and showed how mature she had become in the spotlight. Following on from Charlie, we had Aidan & Erin (Year 7). Two dancers who choreographed a routine to an upbeat version of the song ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran. The pair incorporated a variety of styles and even had some lifts and mid-air acrobatics. The audience loved every second of it. Their smiles, all the way through, told everyone how much they were enjoying it.

The following act showed a complete contrast in style, Holly & Jenna (Year 7) playing an acoustic version of ‘Someone You Loved’ by Lewis Capaldi. Their beautiful, intimate rendition of the popular song transformed the hall. Their vocal talents accompanied by subtle acoustic guitar was a treat for the listeners. Next up we had Joeli (Year 10), singing ‘Say Something’ by A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera. Her emotive performance under the lights to an exposed piano backing was captivating and pure. Her nerves beforehand quickly dissipated as she enjoyed the limelight showing off her dynamic and powerful singing. Afterwards, Anna (Year 7) took to the stage and brought the energy level up another step, playing saxophone along to ‘High Hopes’ by Panic! At The Disco. Her musicianship was evident as she performed the difficult vocal melody line perfectly. Even with a solo break, her sense of timing and rhythm to play along to the backing track showed a great level of maturity as a musician, and the crowd knew it.

To round off the acts, we had Emily (Year 10). A veteran Aldworth’s Got Talent performer. After coming so close before, she was looking for this evening to be her night. Playing piano and singing downstage, practically surrounded the audience, she performed an Adele cover which resonated around the hall. Her dynamic performance on the grand piano, and sophisticated vocal control was stunning. Under the low lights she gave her all and stole the show. The audience were in awe of her talent and stagecraft. During the interim period to count the votes we had the soulful sounds of Mr Mongi, singing ‘You’ve Got A Friend’ by Carole King. He inspired the audience with his words and gave some very important advice to the sea of students on their final day of term. Pupils were spell bound by his rich and powerful voice, and this perfectly rounded off the show.

The votes were counted, and 2019’s very close contest had a winner. There was hardly anything in it for these 6 acts. But, the audience for both shows decided that the Aldworth’s Got Talent 2019 champion would be Emily. Her performance was stunning, sophisticated and showed how much she had grown as an artist. She was a very worthy winner and took the show from the first note she sang. Overall, it was another successful show run by the Performing Arts Department. We could not have put on this event without Mrs Kimber (Head of Music 2019), who organised rehearsals, tech runs, auditions, and gave the acts the support and opportunity to showcase their incredible talents and hard work. We were all extremely impressed with the amount of Year 7 pupils who auditioned and got into the finals, which surpassed our expectations with the numbers of entries. We hope this trend will continue for 2020’s Aldworth’s Got Talent and inspire all students to take to the stage and take part in this fantastic event.