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BTEC Digital Information Technologies

We follow the Edexcel BTEC Tech Award in Digital Information Technologies as it has content to interest and engage our KS4 students. There is clear progression onto Level 3 study for students who want to explore digital information technology further.

Components of study
How it is assessed
Component 1: Exploring User Interface Design Principles and Project Planning Techniques
Internally assessed assignments
Component 2: Collecting, Presenting and  Interpreting Data
Internally assessed assignments
Component 3: Effective Digital  Working Practices
Externally assessed: scenario-based external 1hr 30 min written exam

Key Stag‚Äče 4 Assessment

The qualification has three components. In Components 1 and 2 you will carry out tasks or assignments that your teacher will mark. The internal grading and quality assurance of these two components will give you a clear idea of how well you are progressing in your qualification. Component 3 is externally assessed by Pearson and assesses the knowledge and skills you have developed across all three components. The external assessment will test your ability to recall the knowledge you have gained and allow you to demonstrate that you can apply that knowledge in realistic scenarios and situations. 

Students should be encouraged to learn the software used on the course and become familiar with the tools and skills needed. Initial programs used will be Adobe Fireworks, PhotoShop, as well as Microsoft Office.

Grading: Students are expected to achieve this BTEC at Level 2 and are awarded grades equivalent in value to GCSE grades 9-4. Students who achieve a BTEC Level 1 will be awarded the equivalent to GCSE grade 3-2.