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Computer Science

Department Aims
 Computer Science is playing an increasingly important role in society, whether it is a company’s new website or the latest Xbox game. The aim of the Computer Science department at Aldworth is to ensure that every student is ready and able to function in the real world – a world where employers expect their employees to be computer literate. These are just some of the exciting opportunities that your child could learn in their Computer Science lessons:
  • The importance of E-Safety, Security and Computer Crime
  • ·Investigating Computer Languages
  • Creating a User Interface
  • Exploring the impact of Community and Ethics in Modern World
  • How to effectively use Microsoft Packages i.e. Word, PowerPoint & Excel
  • Website design using Adobe Dreamweave
Computer Science at Key Stage 3
All students receive one lesson of Computer Science per week at Key Stage 3. Each student works at their own computer, facilitating better individual progress. Our aim is to encourage lifelong learning by giving every student a firm grasp of ICT applications as well as giving them the opportunities to experience basic computer programming.
For more detailed curriculum information, please see the document below.