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Food preparation and nutrition

Throughout KS3 students all students will participate in food preparation and nutrition classes.

Practical cooking skills will be demonstrated and replicated by the students. The practical side is underpinned by nutrition. The Eatwell Guide is the core thread which follows through the years.

Year 7

 4 practical sessions which include cooking; Rainbow couscous, flapjacks and bread. The final project will allow the students to plan and make a ‘Meal for mates’ ensuring the nutrition principles they have learnt are demonstrated in their final dish. 

Other topics covered include, food tasting and comparing products for sensory analysis, using descriptive words. Comparing breakfast cereals and drinks for their nutrition content and producing a poster to demonstrate the effects of sugar on teeth.

Year 8

 4 practical sessions which include cooking: Roasted vegetable soup, Fish and chips and chicken stir fry. A final project will allow the student to plan and make a meal suitable for a school canteen. This includes designing suitable packaging, thinking about the cost and the nutritional analysis of the final product.

Other topics covered include the science behind cooking eggs and the actual cooking methods. Foods from around the world, tasting different carbohydrates from other countries and understanding why people eat different foods. Comparing school meals from around the world and a visit to the school kitchen to understand large scale catering, food hygiene and safety methods.

Year 9

 4 practical sessions which include cooking; Vegetable pasties, Lasagne and roast chicken. A final project will allow student to design and make a meal suitable to be sold at a festival ‘street food’. The project includes designing a dish, how it will be served, and the cost to make it and then to work out a selling price how much gross profit will be made.


Other topics covered include food allergies and diet related diseases, food labelling and nutritional analysis and costing of meals.