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 Aims and Philosophy

Understanding our history, our place in the world and the nature of our beliefs helps us to better understand our own lives in our multicultural society. Humanities is important, it is about people, about us, about our environment and it helps us to understand how to make our world better for us and for our future generations. It is about all people and the relationship between different communities. 

 The curriculum enables pupils to . . .

  • Develop a range of transferable skills such as decision-making and problem solving
  • Become better independent learners for the future
  • Use an enquiry based approach to learning to stimulate thought
  • Develop skills in information technology in a range of challenging contexts
  • Develop their attitudes, values and beliefs which are justified and accepted in multicultural society
  • Gain a better understanding of social, economic, environmental and political issues
  • Learn more about the world and the people who have lived on it!