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Our Philosophy

To teach pupils to understand why something works not just to repeat a process, to being to instil a love of maths and inspire pupils.

What We Do:

 In Years 7 and 8 we aim to give pupils a firm grounding in the key skills of mathematics whilst drawing the more able on to apply skills the skills they are developing. As well as developing skills we promote the learning of problem solving techniques which are key to the new GCSE. In year 7 this takes the form of a project on designing new packaging and designing the recipe for some new smoothies in response to data gathering exercise. In year 8 we begin to make more formal links between the different areas of maths such as algebra skills being to shape problems. This allows students to repeatedly apply knowledge in a range of different situations beginning to embed those skills and draw links in understanding. We appreciate that all students join us with different levels of understanding. We see this as a strength in the group as together students can clarify and explore understanding each bringing a level of understanding and a level of misunderstanding to support each other with and through.

From the beginning of year 9 onwards, the curriculum is directly linked to the GCSE specifications. Once again pupils are encouraged to draw on existing skills and build on these to develop new skills. Pupils are encouraged to discover understanding with the staff supporting the acquisition of knowledge by challenging current understanding and asking them to apply it in new unexplored areas. This can take the form of teacher-led from the front or more pupil-led exploratory learning; whatever the style pupil interaction and involvement within the lesson is paramount. Teachers help to clarify understanding and support students with clear explanations.

Our classroom teachers develop relationships with their students focussed around motivation and support. We ensure everything is done to get the best out of our students so that they leave us proud of their achievements and ready to continue their learning journey.

All students are closely monitored to ensure they are making the expected progress, but their attitude and behaviour is also monitored. In tracking this progress, we are able to do the best for student in our care; homework, set changes, intervention and enhancements are all used to support every child with their individual needs.

Enhancement and support

Year 11 are given a large amount of support to prepare for their GCSE examinations. Pupils are regularly given past exam papers for practice and ‘Walking Talking mocks’ demonstrate how to access questions and workings needed to gain full marks, enhancements after school are available for the students to have an assisted preparation in specific areas of the curriculum. Staff are readily available at break and after school if a pupil brings a specific need.


It is expected that all students will arrive to lessons with a minimum of a pen, pencil and ruler. We also expect that they have a pair of compasses, a protractor and a scientific calculator of their own as this will help with practising skills outside of the classroom and builds their confidence.

For more detailed curriculum information, please see the document below.