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Media Studies

 Our GCSE Media Studies offers students an interactive and engaging course that aims to broaden students’ minds. They will cover all aspects of media including language, representations, industries and audiences, giving students both an overall and in-depth understanding of how media represents the world. Students will study and analyse existing Media Products across a range of platforms such as TV, Film, Music, Radio, Video Games, Online and Social Media, Magazines and Newspapers.  Students will also have opportunities to pair theoretical knowledge with practical skills and produce their own Media Products.

The Media course is assessed with two examinations accounting for 35% each making the theory element 70% of the course. Students will create a media product which will also account for 30% of the final grade.

In year 10 students will study a range of existing Media products in the form of close study products. These will help demonstrate media theory and explore a range of media platforms. The close study products consist of;

  • Music videos
  • Advertisements
  • Films (independent and Hollywood blockbuster)
  • Vloggers
  • Video games
  • Magazines
  • TV shows
  • Radio
  • Newspapers

Students will also have the opportunity to create their own media products in year 10 by applying the theory they have learned. The products students will create in year 10 are;

  • Vlog
  • Set of advertisement posters
  • Film scene
  • Podcast

Then in year 11 students will be able to choose an area to specialise in to create their assessed media product.