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SEND Provision

Aldworth School is a mainstream 11-16 mixed secondary school.  Aldworth is a comprehensive, inclusive community with high aspirations for all students.  Every student has the opportunity to succeed in their learning.  We provide support and encouragement to enable each child to grow academically and personally.  Aldworth’s contribution to the Local Offer will be provision for pupils with special educational needs.  We have particular expertise with Asperger’s Syndrome, Speech & Language Communication Need and Physical Disability.  A pupil’s speech needs can be discussed by parents at any time prior to admission or during their time on roll, either by direct contact with the Assistant Headteacher Miss Hughes or via the Tutor/Year Leader.

How are pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) identified at Aldworth? 
  • Aldworth receives information from primary schools or transferring secondary school.
  • On admission all pupils undertake tests to ascertain levels in spelling, reading comprehension, maths and handwriting.
  • Year 7 pupils complete Cognitive Assessment Tests (CATs).  The results of these tests identify students who need further screening using a basic dyslexia screening test.
  • If the data indicates, a range of other tests can be undertaken relating to vocabulary/phonics and literacy.  In some circumstances a GADs Questionnaire (Autism) or Conner’s (ADHD) will be considered following consultation with parents.  Either the test results or an interpretation of the information is provided to classroom teachers to inform their planning and assessment.
How is pupil progress monitored? 
  • Pupil progress is monitored using the School academic monitoring and reporting schedule and ongoing behaviour monitoring.
  • Additional support is available through subject departments and the pastoral system before Learning Support become involved.  The pastoral support includes the Tutor/Head of Year, the pastoral support team, family link worker and the School nurse.
  • Referrals can be made to the Education Inclusion Service for support in School, or for respite/permanent placements in offsite facilities.
What extra provision is made for pupils with SEND? 

Where the School has received prior information concerning the needs of an individual, that information will be made available to the teaching staff and the following measures will be implemented.

  • The provision for SEND pupils is evaluated via the academic monitoring procedures of the School.  Learning Support evaluates the impact of the additional support via the academic monitoring and testing relevant to the support given.
  • The education of all pupils with and without special educational needs is the responsibility of all teachers, following a curriculum suitably differentiated for the individual.  The staff will ensure students with special educational needs or disabilities join in the activities of the School with other students so far as is practicable and compatible with the efficient education of all students and use of resources.
  • Additional Support is provided either in the classroom, by Learning Support Assistants or through short term withdrawal groups.  Students with SEND are encouraged to take part in all curricular and extra-curricular activities, irrespective of their difficulties.
  • When additional equipment is required for an individual this will be organised via the Specialist Teacher Advisory service.  The School is fully accessible for wheelchair users, equipped with ramps, lifts, automatic doors, disabled toilets and designated parking areas.  The School environment is partially upgraded for visual and hearing impaired users.
  • The extended pastoral support team which includes the tutor are responsible for the everyday care and support of students.  This includes the possibility of referral to a range of specialist support both internal and external to Aldworth.
How are staff trained to support pupils with SEND? 

The staff undertake regular training updates in all aspects of special education needs in line with the School policy and priorities for continuing professional development.  Learning Support staff have additional qualifications in:-

  • Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia)
  • Aspergers
  • Speech and Language
  • Moving and Handling
  • Physiotherapy

Some specialist support required by students will already be in place when a student joins Aldworth.  For others this will be engaged by a referral to the appropriate agency done by the lead member of staff.  Aldworth is able to access a range of educational and non-educational specialist services.

How are parents kept informed about pupil progress? 
  • Parents are able to contact the Learning Support Department at any time during the academic year, or at the relevant parents’ consultation evening.
  • Where a student has an Education, Health and Care Plan there will be regular review meetings to discuss the education of their child.
  • Parents will always be kept informed about the special educational needs experienced by their child.
  • The parents of prospective pupils can contact the Learning Support department at any time in the years preceding the transition to secondary school.
How are pupils involved in decisions about provision? 
  • Any additional provision offered to pupils will be explained and discussed with them prior to commencement.
  • Pupils who require a review meeting will be consulted prior to and during the meeting enabling them to give their views concerning their education.  In some circumstances staff may act as advocates for students.
  • Transition planning for pupils with special education needs will be undertaken by the SENCo in liaison with parents, schools/colleges and specialist services.  For pupils with an Education, Health and Care Plan, transition will form part of the regular reviews from Year 9 to Year 11.
  • Individual transition programmes will be arranged as required to suit individual needs at Year 6 and Year 10/11.
  • Following consultation with parents, individuals may be referred to the Educational Psychology Service or to Speech and Language Therapy.  Aldworth has access to advice from the Specialist Teacher Advisory Services for Visual Impairment; Hearing Impairment; Physical Disability and Speech and Language Communication Need difficulties.
How are additional services accessed by Aldworth? 

How are additional services accessed by Aldworth?

The School is able to access services through the Local Authority.  These include:-

  • The Education Inclusion Service (EIS) and Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service (EMTAS) and English Additional Language (EAL) support.
  • The School reviews the purchase of additional services through Service Level Agreements (SLAs) annually.  Currently the School engages additional services from the Local Authority, Educational Psychology Service and Basingstoke Consortium Careers support.
  • The School also has support from the School Nursing Service, Child Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), Social Services and other professionals.

The School complaints procedure recognises that parents may have concerns and the School is committed to resolving such concerns quickly and as effectively as possible.  Initially a parent should contact the School informally.  The full procedure is detailed in the School Complaints Policy (available on request).

Click this link to view the School Accessibility Policy and Plan