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Study Skills

A greater emphasis is now placed on the performance of students in their final examinations.  In the majority of subjects, coursework is being phased out.

Through their schooling and in particular in the few months before the exams start students will need to be able to learn independently.  This is in itself a skill.  As a school we are promoting the importance of independent learning and study skills to the students though special events, assemblies, work in tutor time and in lessons generally.

This page will be used to provide students and parents with resources and links that may be helpful in supporting study skills.  Each student will have different needs so every resource might not be useful to every student but I hope you will find something of benefit.

Revision Tips Video 1 - You Tube

How to revise Part 2 - You Tube

GCSE Revision Tips - You Tube

Study Skills on Wikipedia

Revision Techniques on BBC News, Health

Exam Doctors top tips for revision on BBC News, Education and Family

Revision Basics on BBC, Radio 1

BrainSmart on BBC, Scotland

On 8 January, Years 10 and 11 took part in a Study Skills day.  Please find attached the Information booklet and presentation slides that accompanied the Years 10 and 11 Study Skills day.  For more information on Studyflex, the company that hosted the day please use the following link.


On 10 January, Year 9 took part in a Study Skills day provided by Winchester University.  Please find attached the presentation slides that accompanied the Year 9 Study Skills day.

Please also find attached the pages from the Student Planner that relates to learning and revision strategies, constructing a revision plan/timetable and managing your time.