To be bought from SKOOLKIT

All students – compulsory

  • School navy blue sweatshirt with Aldworth logo (Stocked by Skoolkit)
  • Plain black trousers for boys; plain tailored black trousers or navy blue Thornton knee length skirt for girls (Stocked by Skoolkit)
  • Plain white short or long sleeved button through school shirt – tie compulsory
  • Plain white short or long sleeved revere neck blouse (girls only) – tie not compulsory (Stocked by Skoolkit)
  • Navy blue polo shirt with Aldworth logo (summer only) (Stocked by Skoolkit)
  • School tie (for use with collared shirt) (Stocked by Skoolkit)
  • Shoes must be plain black (see school website for acceptable styles)
  • Socks must be navy blue, black or white
  • Scarves, if worn, must be plain black or navy and for outdoor use only.  Hats, if worn, must be plain black or navy or with the Aldworth logo and for outdoor use only.  Gloves, if worn, must be plain black or navy and for outdoor use only.

The following items of uniform are not acceptable

  • No other fleeces, sweatshirts, hoodies or tops are to be worn
  • No leather coats or coats with studs or rivets
  • Tight or skinny trousers are not allowed.  No fashion trousers with large belts, low waistlines, split bottoms, flares, drain pipes, jean-like material, studs, rivets, zips on pockets, large or multiple buttons
  • No skirts that are tight fitting or with splits
  • No tailored, skimpy, tight blouses
  • No fashion shoes with high heels, or pointed at the front.  No flip flops or boots or open toed sandals
  • No canvas shoes or shoes with studs or other colours
  • No trainers, no black trainers, no black plimsolls.  No shoes which look like trainers.  (Clarks trainer/shoes are not acceptable)
  • If students arrive at school wearing a non-uniform top, it will be confiscated and only returned to parents

  • If an item of uniform is torn or unwearable, parents must write a note in the child’s planner and will be given a maximum of two days to replace the item.  The Pastoral Team may extend this period in special circumstances.  The school will also loan items of clothing or shoes if a child comes to school with incorrect uniform
  • Occasionally there may be a clear and obvious medical reason for a child not being in full uniform e.g. broken bones.  Blisters should be treated with plasters and are not a reason for wearing trainers

Please note

  • Any items of clothing reflecting extremes of current fashion in either style, length or material are not acceptable and will be confiscated.  The school is not responsible for the loss of such unacceptable items such as caps.  These should not be worn
  • Hairstyles reflecting extremes of current fashion are also not acceptable
  • Students are likely to be sent home if they defy these rules
  • All items of clothing should be clearly marked with the student’s name, either by name-tape or indelible ink.  Again, we are unable to accept responsibility for the loss of unmarked items
  • Sweatshirts with a sewn in badge are available from Skoolkit.  We recommend that shirts, skirts and trousers are purchased from Skoolkit
  • Students should wear a school sweatshirt and not just a coat over shirts in cold weather

Student Expectations

Students are to understand that their PE kit is their school uniform whilst they are in their Physical Education lessons and it symbolises the same professional standards of their non-PE school uniform they wear to every other lesson. All students are required to wear the black and white Aldworth kit which parents can purchase from Skoolkit: https://www.skoolkit.co.uk/school-uniform/119.

List of compulsory student kit:

  • Black and white sweatshirt/fleece only available from Skoolkit
  • Black and white shorts only available from Skoolkit
  • Black and white polo shirt AND/OR black and white Rugby shirt only available from Skoolkit
  • Black and white football socks for Football & Rugby lessons only available from Skoolkit
  • Black or white sports socks
  • Football boots – If your son/daughter would only require boots for PE lessons then we recommend these:  https://www.sportsdirect.com/football/football-boots/sondico-football-  boots
  • Rugby Boots (Football boots are also safe to use in Rugby lessons)
  • Mouth Guards (It is important that purchased mouth guards have a CE mark as they are classed as PPE. Mouth guards are available from the Finance Office for £2).

List of optional/additional student kit:

  • Black or white baselayer/thermal
  • Black sports tracksuit bottoms with Aldworth logo that can be purchased from Skoolkit OR plain black sports tracksuit bottoms
  • Black lycra sports leggings

It is equally important to recognise the importance that students are comfortable as well as professional when in their Physical Education lessons. This is why we have added the leggings and sports tracksuit bottoms to our list of student kit. In addition to this, we are allowing plain black or white upper body and lower body baselayers/thermals underneath their polo shirts and shorts for winter lessons that take place outside.

Students must not wear any of the following:

  • Heavily branded sports tracksuit bottoms
  • Cotton leggings
  • Earrings
  • Wristbands
  • Watches

When students are taking part in practical subjects such as Technology, they should wear protective clothing. Suitable aprons will be provided, but can also be purchased through the school or Skoolkit. Students are required to wear eye protection (goggles) in all Technology workshops and Science laboratories, which are provided. However, students may wish to purchase a pair for private use. laboratories, which are provided. However, students may wish to purchase a pair for private use.

PE Kit Requirements