Safeguarding is the process of actively preventing students from harmful situations, be that in school, in the community, or at home. Our PSHE lessons teach students about traditional harms such as domestic violence, through to more modern dangers such as internet abuse. Students are encouraged to ‘Take a Stand’ against behaviour which goes against the values of the school and to stand up for kindness.

We are committed to strong safeguarding practice and the Designated Safeguarding Lead is Ms Sian Coultress who works with a team of deputies to help keep our children safe in school and beyond. 

All staff are trained in safeguarding and there are robust school systems to report concerns. Should you be concerned about the safety of a child then please contact one of the safeguarding leads below.

Staff Member
Mrs S Coultress
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs M Pearce
Assistant Headteacher
Mrs E Smith
Pastoral Lead – Behaviour
Miss Z Davies
Pastoral Lead – Safeguarding
Mrs K O’Sullivan
Student Support Officer